The country of Nelheim has been alive and well for countless ages. But now it’s united by the Ventalen Empire and ruled by a ruthless Queen, known as The Queen of Roses. She conquered nearly all of Nelheim, and smashed the rebellion uprising made up of men and elves with her armies and sorcerers years ago, and the kingdom has never been the same since.

All is still and silent now though. The Queen of Roses ages, unmarried and depressed. And with her blood thirst quenched, her thoughts have since turned to who she trusts to rule in her stead once she’s gone.

Shall she choose to turn the kingdom over to her bishops, who constantly warn of slumbering gods soon to awaken, soon to reignite the God War of the ancient past and destroy the so called Age of Mortals.

Shall she choose to turn the reigns over to a secret sect of men. Ancient star watchers and prophecy seers who tell much of the same as her bishops believe.

Shall she choose a trusted general, one to force the kingdom back into greatness, even if it comes to blood and turmoil, all while ignoring the others warnings of impending doom.

Whatever the choice, the entire country is in jeopardy, and perhaps the world.

But life continues outside of these concerns. Adventurers come and go. Goblins raid villages. Rumors of monstrous beasts are whispered of in taverns. And people feel a dark evil stirring in the land cursed by the gods beyond the Iron Wall.

Cursed Beyond the Iron Wall