Cursed Beyond the Iron Wall


At some point in your grand history, a mysterious man showed up at exactly the right moment to save your life. The circumstances surrounding the event was always unexplained and mysterious. He may have showed up suddenly in town with a cure for a plague that ravaged your body, or simply pushed you out of the way of a run away horse and carriage. No matter how it was done, the older man only offered a gentle smile and nothing more than the words, “Good, I’m glad you’re okay.” Then asked nothing else of you before taking his leave.

That was several years ago. But now, a mysterious letter comes into your possession, signed by the man who saved your life, Ornith the Wizened. In his note he asks for a favor he swears to be of grave importance, but one certainly wrought with danger and peril. He apologizes for imposing such a burden but then explains that he wishes you to find a man who has fled beyond the Iron Wall and into a land cursed by the gods.

Perhaps a lot has changed for you since the day Ornith saved your life. Perhaps not. But, you agree to this strange request. You soon meet up with Ornith, and a few others, people who Ornith also saved. And now you plan to venture forth, to put your life on the line at the request of the man who has saved yours already.


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