Ornith the Wizened

Friendly and Mysterious Traveler


Not much is known about this gentle but strange man. He comes and goes as he pleases, helping others on his way. He seems to be gifted with arcane powers. Some whisper of his ties to the Queen of Roses and her once powerful hierarchy of sorcerers.

Ornith thinks nothing of these silly rumors. He’s old, and his powers are frail. If he was such a powerful sorcerer, he wouldn’t seem to be so helpless would he? However, he seems to have a knack for showing up at the right places at just the right times. And with that gift he has been weaving a complicated tapestry of people who owe him favors all across his travels.

Who, if anyone, he works for is a mystery. His allegiances and goals are just as secret. He lives alone and keeps no companions, in an observatory he constructed himself. Though strangely, in the small village his observatory resides in, the villagers know him to be friendly and helpful but still don’t seem to trust him.

Ornith the Wizened

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