The Queen of Roses

Battled Hardened Queen


The Queen of Roses was born Roselin Elthory, only child of the previous monarch, King Gren Elthory of Ventalos. Her mother died in childbirth, and King Gren’s heart was in such despair he never again remarried.

The country of Nelheim was once split into many dominions. The Dominion of Men, the Border Marches where elves reigned in their old cities, and the in the mountains where the various Mountain Clans reigned.

With no true heir to the throne of Ventalos after the assassination of King Gren, Roselin forced her way into power with charisma, intimidation and political maneuvering. Her ambition knew no bounds, and her desire for vengeance against her fathers assassins fueled her passions. Who the assassins were and what their true goal was by killing the King was never revealed.

So the new Queen lashed out across the entire country, storming the wards of the elves and halls of dwarves with armies and sorcerers. Each dominion eventually bowed their knee to her. Her combination of ruthlessness and beauty awarded her the title of the Queen of Roses, which she began to wear with pride.

She united all of the country, all creeds of races under her now great empire, the Ventalen Empire. All except the cursed lands, between the Crowned Mountains and guarded by the Iron Wall, where no sane mortal resigned.

Years passed, and the Queen ruled as best she could, but with a terrifying strength and perseverance. She wished for peace and for the whole country to be united under her flag and ruled under equal law. But the common people, and the other races once again wished for sovereignty. The Queen however saw sovereignty as chaos, and when they rose up together in rebellion she crushed them all again.

That was over ten years ago. The War of Rebellion. And all of Nelheim still mourns the dead who gave their lives in battle.

The Queen of Roses ages noticeably everyday, and as such she now chooses to remain hidden away inside her kingdom’s halls. She has yet to choose a husband or heir. Some whisper of yet another rebellion rising. Or perhaps a chance to overthrow her before an heir is named. But most are too terrified of her raw power and her combat ability to ever do such a thing.

The Queen of Roses

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