Major Deities

The primal gods, sometimes called the old gods, don’t have discernible alignments. Thus a cleric of any alignment can worship any of the major deities without restriction. However, they are still restricted to the domains they may choose, they must choose their cleric domains from the list granted by the deity they follow.

Archonis – The primal forge, god of Creation and Destruction

Bastor – The bull-headed god of Chaos and Order.

Maltisiff – The maiden and the old crone. Goddess of Life and Death

Gharwyn – The twin faced god of Light and Darkness.

Drakuth – The never ending serpent. God of Knowledge and Beasts.

Kalstrom – The sudden storm. God of the primal forces.

Minor Deities

The new gods, are the offspring or usurpers of the primal gods. They are more finite in their purviews and domains, and have alignments. Clerics attuned to a minor deity must be within one step of the minor deity’s alignment.


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